Nantucket Island: Five Itineraries for a Perfect ACK Day

Nantucket Island is a true paradise, that holds something for everyone. Though you truly can’t go wrong with anything you do, here are five of my favourite things to do on the prettiest island, 30 miles out to sea.

There are too many beaches to count on beautiful Nantucket Island.

There are too many beaches to count on beautiful Nantucket Island.

Idea One: Sconset. My husband and I adore spending each morning driving or biking the quick trip into Sconset to have coffee and pick up the NYT. We will always have coffee and a sandwich- breakfast or one of Claudette’s Legendary sandwiches- on the Claudette’s patio. This small tradition lends a community feel, a sense of home to the both of us.

  • Take your coffee and exploring the extremely charming former fishing village. The rose covered cottages, hidden paths, and fabulous easterly views are some of the best on the island.

  • Don’t miss the Sconset Bluff Walk. The gardens, the homes, the salt air- it’s divine. Travel & Leisure calls it “the most scenic path in Nantucket”.

Idea two: Cisco. The best day ever involves stopping by Bartlett’s for sandwiches and some rosé or Kombucha to take to nearby Cisco beach. Lounge in the sun and work up your appetite by walking along the shore in Nantucket’s deep, coarse sand or by swimming in the surf.

  • Once you’re nice and salty, hit the Brewery and raw bar on the way back to town. Trust me.

Sankaty Head Lighthouse overlooks world famous Sankaty Head Golf Course.

Sankaty Head Lighthouse overlooks world famous Sankaty Head Golf Course.

Idea Three: Sunset at Jetties. An amazing thing about Nantucket is that, despite its very small size, the Island houses a substantial variety of beaches. The South shore are the surfing beaches with the lengthier, gradual descent into deeper water and big waves. The East shore is basically open water, an immediate drop off and you’re in. The west- more shallow, gentler waves. And the northern shore of the island is where the harbour is- which means gentle water and gradual depth. Jetties and Steps are the in-town beaches, so despite the popularity, they are truly special in their own way.

  • I’d recommend a blanket, some libations, some blue fish paté from 167 Raw, and some friends for sunset. It’s pure magic.


Idea Four: Town. The stunning and historic Nantucket Town deserves just as much attention as the beautiful beaches and rugged coast. Cobblestone Main Street, the lined brick sidewalks, and the stunning New England architecture are reminiscent of days past but are still so relevant. Walk around town, grab a coffee or juice and enjoy the many shops and sites. Work up an appetite with all of your shopping? Your options for afternoon refreshments are endless- my favourite Nantucket restaurants blog post coming soon!

Idea Five: Get lost. Rent a car and explore on your own. Bonus if you get a car with four wheel drive and oversand pass. There’s nothing as quintessentially Nantucket as loading up a car with all of the necessary gear- chairs, towels, snacks and sandwiches (or a grill if you’re ambitious), and of course plenty of fluids- and embarking on the journey along the beach and the eastern shoreline all the way to the Northern tip of the island.

What’s your favourite way to spend the day on this beautiful island? Let me know!

Keep an eye out for more posts on Nantucket!

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