Simple Saturdays


I know I’m getting older, since now I crave a simple Saturday at home with my love, enjoying good food, relaxing, laughing and talking. I can’t believe the transition that I feel I’ve undergone in the past year alone.

So long fun party girl, hello wifey. Weird.

This past Saturday, we shared some amazing sourdough flax seed bread with cultured local butter and a fabulous pear. Sounds pretty Fall, eh? While enjoying these, I read through a number of cookbooks that I have collected. It’s amazing the volume of books I have chosen to surround myself with, but how few I’ve taken the time to actually read.

I’m working on menu planning for American Thanksgiving, but the reality that we may be celebrating alone has sort of gotten me down. I’m sure I’ll recover and host an over the top Turkey Day for two. And maybe, as Newlyweds, a Thanksgiving at home with just the two of us (three with Foxy) a calm, cozy holiday is just what we need before the craziness of the following holiday begins. Who knows, maybe we will go start a new tradition and cut down our own tree! Sounds pretty Canadian, doesn’t it?