Our House & Home


Oh, Jean Street. How we feel so blessed to have found the home of our dreams. And the FIRST house that we saw on our hunt too. Can you imagine that?

This 100 year old babe features 12 foot tall ceilings, original dark pine floors, infinite amounts of white trim, a stunner of a mantle and fireplace front, exposed brick walls in the kitchen, gas stove, big backyard- can you tell I’m madly in love? We were so lucky that we vibed really well with the former owners and were able to rent for a few months before purchasing last year in June.

Aside from the aforementioned amazing features, our beloved Jean also has a sun porch, the most beautiful deep teal/aqua coloured paint in the living room, and basically oozed charm before I even got involved. But, my heart’s true desire to design, arrange, collect and showcase came out in full force once we purchased her.

I have had the most fun decorating and arranging the most perfect first home there basically ever could be. Upon entering, most people are shocked that we’ve done so little to it! But, with that being said, I’ve slowly taken on a few projects here and there- and I can’t wait to share them with the world. I’ll do separate posts on them, but these projects include:

  • painting my office and the powder room

  • the Dishwasher project (this one is a stunner)

  • Light fixture replacements